2019 happiness index:


How in love are couples in America? What exactly makes a relationship thrive?
Those questions, and more are answered in eharmony’s new national survey.

The good news? American couples are happy, and being in love has everything to do with it.



83% of Americans are happy in their relationships.
An equal partnership where a couple has a monogamous relationship, open communication, and a healthy sex life all add up to bliss. The unhappiest pairs are together for companionship rather than love, have infrequent sex, and don’t feel a sense of equality in the relationship.

The happiest couples are those who are similar.



Couples who are culturally aware together, stay together.

45% agree that the #MeToo movement has made women feel more empowered in the workplace.
However, only 1 in 5 women feel more empowered in their relationship as a result of the campaign.

32% agree that men feel less confident to make the first move with a woman as a result of the #MeToo campaign.


Happy couples are more likely to have voted at the 2018 mid-term elections and are much more likely to discuss politics and have political discourse with a spouse/partner.



Sex is an essential ingredient to happy relationships. Happy couples have sex often, and are very satisfied with this part of their lives.

// Men orgasm more than women (69%) and men are happier overall with their sex lives than women.

// For almost half of participants (47%) sex is important in a relationship and a similar proportion express satisfaction with their current sex life.

// However, 4 in 10 say stress has a negative impact on their sex life, especially Millennials. 11% include people outside the couple in their sex life.

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Being happy and smart are the most desirable characteristics for both men and women.


70% report sharing a life together is more important than marriage, but the happiest couples believe that commitment and stability through marriage makes their relationship happier.

// The statement about marriage with highest agreement (76% agree) is that it leads to greater commitment than just living together. By contrast, a similar proportion believe that nowadays marriages are more unstable than in the past.

// More than half of participants agree that being married makes the relationship happier (only 10% disagree). This proportion is higher among men and older generations.

// 5% of American couples are in a non-monogamous relationship (3% polygamous and 2% polyamorous).



The happiest relationships are those that place the most value on words of affirmation. Spending quality time together is valued more highly among Gen Z than other generations.


Couples who report being unhappy in their relationships aren’t able to discuss their mental health issues openly with their partners.

// 4 in 5 shared their mental issues with their spouse/partner. For more than half, their relationship has had a positive impact on the mental health issues, rising to 7 in 10 among Gen Z.


“The Happiness Index: Love and Relationships in America” 2019 report was commissioned by eharmony and conducted by Harris Interactive. This is the second year of the Happiness Index survey. It was fielded online between Dec. 13, 2018 and Jan. 3, 2019 with 2,327 online interviews conducted. Participants (both heterosexual and LGBT) qualified if they were aged 21+ and were married, cohabiting, or in a long-term relationship. Results were weighted to be nationally representative by age, gender, and region.

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